Julie Gallagher or Julie Gallaher Sacramento

Is your name spelled the conventional way? All my life people have pronounced my name wrong (it’s Gal-la-her not Gal-la-ger) but it doesn’t bother me. I only correct people when they spell it wrong. But, I wonder how many people are looking for me online today, spelling my name wrong and never finding me.

I’m going to do an experiment. Today in January 17th. I’m going to use my unique search engine optimization techniques and see how long it takes to get me to the front page of Google for Julie Gallagher Sacramento. There are some very prominent Julie’s out there – Legislative Director of the California State Assembly, Assistant Professor of History at Penn State, Author, Family Physician in Ontario. In fact LinkedIn says there are 25 in just the LinkedIn directory.

Update: I’m now the #1 listing on the first page of Google for Julie Gallagher Sacramento out of 1.1 million choices.

I am a marketing consultant. If you’ve landed here and you think I might be the one you’re looking for, here’s my LinkedIn profile, some photos on Flickr, my youtube channel. I don’t mind if you spell my name wrong. ;^D – If you need help marketing your local business, give me a call at 916-265-2521.

4 Responses to “Julie Gallagher or Julie Gallaher Sacramento”

  1. Mike Cattuzzo Says:

    Are you the same Julie to went to Kit Carsen/Sac Hi?
    Mike Cattuzzo

  2. Julie Gallaher Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Yes and No! I went to Kit Carson and St Francis.


  3. david c johnson Says:

    Hello Julie. I saw your name in the East Sacramento News and I’m glad you’re doing well! I’m pretty sure you are the same Julie I went to Caleb Greenwood with, remember Mrs. Harmening, Mr. Simpson, et al? You along with Toni Metcalfe, Karen Miranda, and probably some other girls were taller than most of the boys at that time, esp me!
    best regards,

  4. Julie Gallaher Says:

    Hey David – You should look for me on Facebook. I just posted some Caleb Greenwood pics and you’re in one of them. ;^D