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  • Does your website establish you as the obvious authority?
  • Can you keep up with the thousands of annual SEO changes?

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Definitions:  Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the process of getting your web site to the top of the natural, organic, un-paid section of the search engines. Anyone with a sufficient budget can buy their way to the top of the search results with Google, Yahoo or Bing ads.  But many people will tell you that they don't look at the ads, they only look in the natural section.  Many university studies have been done on this, and Penn State says it's more than 80% of people who look exclusively to the organic section.Those businesses who are top ranked on the first page will receive the majority of the leads, day in and day out.

Risks:  Google, Bing & Yahoo rigorously monitor websites that wish to be included in their search results. Each has rules about what is and what isn't acceptable. These rules are in near constant flux, and it is essential that your webmaster or marketing consultant stays current. Your website is a very valuable asset. Do not gamble with fly-by-night, amateurs or outsourcers. Your SEO efforts can backfire and land you in the Google Penalty Box. 

Out of Date Techniques: Google expects you, the business owner, to follow their rules.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse to the Police or to Google. When Google rules against a website marketing strategy that previously seemed to be OK with them, all the websites using that out-of-date SEO technique are penalized.  Very few business owners have time to keep up with the changes, and frequently only know the marketing methods that were acceptable 5 or 10 years ago. Dozens of business owners have told me that they want me to stuff their footer full of keywords, or outsource link building to cheap labor overseas, but those strategies will make your website crash and burn in 2015.  Others think that success is guaranteed if they have a domain that matches their search phrase, like sacramentoseo.com, but exact match domains were downgraded 2 years ago.

Check Recommendations: Because internet marketing, social media and search engine optimization is such a new field, small business owners must be cautious.  Google publicly states that they make between 400 and 600 changes to the algorithm (rules) every year.  Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and the others have hundreds of changes, too. It's very time consuming to keep up-to-date and informed on these changes. If you select a provider based on price, how can you be confident that they aren't cutting corners and violating the rules? 

What to look for in an SEO provider:

  • Do they walk the talk? Are their own websites and profiles highly ranked for the targeted keyword terms and phrases?
  • Do they have business marketing experience?  Have they worked with businesses like yours in the past?
  • Do they invest time to keep up to date with the daily SEO changes on Google and the Social Media services?
  • Are they local? If you want to talk to them in person, is it an option?
  • Do they have recommendations and endorsements from people you know or recognize?

Julie Gallaher, President of Get on the Map, was named one of Sacramento's top Twitter Influencers by the Sacramento Business Journal and is Google's #1 ranked Sacramento Social Media Consultant. She has worked with the Sacramento Association of Realtors, Placer County Bar Assn, El Dorado Tourism Bureau, Rancho Cordova Chamber, Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Theatre Company, Folsom History Museum, Sac Music Fest and dozens more organizations, individuals and businesses.

Who Needs Get on the Map Services?

Brand Name Visibility - Your most valuable asset is a referral or lead.  Have you made sure that your internet presence help you warm up that prospect into someone who Knows, Likes & Trusts you? Using SEO techniques, we can make sure that the first page of Google serves as a selling brochure for your services. When someone Googles you or your business, we want the very best information available to rise to the top of your search results. That could be a TV clip of an interview with you, an newspaper mention of your charity work, your five star reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor or Angie's List or a Video you posted on Youtube.  Why leave the front page of Google up to chance?

Website Design or Remodel - If you've had your website for a while, it might be time for a refreshed design.  Does your website look professional or does it look like it was a project for your high school nephew? If you are catering to an affluent, sophisticated clientele, your website should reflect that. When your website was created, did your designer use up to date SEO techniques? Do the descriptions and tags need to be changed? If your website is the equivalent of avocado colored appliances, leg warmers or the Macarena, it's time to modernize. 

Social Media - We offer social media consulting, training, amplification and management. We can help you set up your profiles, create a strategy and train your team to implement or handle the entire project for you. If you need to have a large audience see your products, services and events - we can amplify your messages to tens of thousands of local social media users. If you don't have staff, we can manage your social profiles, respond to inquiries and keep your company top of mind.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - We excel in all areas of search engine optimization - local SEO maps, mobile SEO, video SEO and organic listing SEO. If you previously used the yellow pages to reach ready-to-buy customers, SEO could replace the dollars you lost when the yellow pages declined.