Influencer Marketing

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Marketing with Social Media offers new opportunities for artists, organizations, businesses, event planners. You don’t have to wait for the TV and radio to decide that you are worthy of broadcast coverage. You don’t have to buy high priced ads in magazines and yellow pages. You can reach your list without subsidizing the U.S. Postal service.

The challenge is that if you don’t want to use the audience that the TV, radio, magazines, etc. have developed, you need to create your own audience to see your news.

It takes time, sometimes lots and lots of time, to build up an audience of targeted prospects. True Fan acquisition is the hardest part of social media. It would be easier for you if you had a friend who could help you network. A virtual wingman to help you connect online.

Imagine you’re having a special event, you are launching a new product, or you need more prospects to reach your sales targets.

How will you reach the thousands who use social media as their primary source of news and information?

What if you had friends who had been communicating via social media for the last 10 years?

Early Adopter Wins the Prize

Ten years ago, I started building my social media following. With my help, you can reach my 55,000+ followers on Social Media

  • Twitter… 21,700
  • Facebook… 5,300
  • LinkedIn… 9,200
  • Pinterest.. 13,100
  • Google+…. 2.100
  • Foursquare..1,000
  • Yelp…….. 1,900
  • Instagram…. 5500.
  • In addition, my network of local social media friends can expand to reach thousands more. If you’ve got a national project, I have recruited a team who has a total social media reach of over One Million followers.

    Using a combination of platforms, we can design a campaign that delivers for you. Tell us who you want to reach, and we’ll put together something that delivers.

    Facebook post targeted Sacramento women 40+ with friends fans of Get on the Map

    50 Twitter posts reached over 150,000 people
    Pinterest pins promoting my website had over 50,000 reach in 2 weeks