Sacramento Brides on Pinterest

It seems to me that every bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid and future bride is on Pinterest. My friends in the wedding profession say that it is provides both opportunity and risk for them.

Takes Time to Become Influential

Opportunity, because there is a potential to market to ideal prospects who didn’t connect with you at the bridal show. Perhaps they got engaged in the summer instead of at Christmas and there are months to go before the bridal show season. Maybe they work on the weekends, and they can’t attend as many shows as they want. You can be sharing your best content and capture a lead today.

Risk, because some of your competitors are better at social media than you are. You may have a better closing percentage, but if they capture the lead from social media, you’ll never get a chance.

Like all social media, it takes time to create a relationship with your potential clients on Pinterest. You cannot expect to post a photo of a beautiful gown or bridal bouquet and immediately attract your ideal customer. You need to work it. You’ll start out with a handful of followers, but if you keep at it, you will find it is one of your most effective marketing tactics.

How to Increase Your Reach Immediately

If you’re just getting started, or even if you’re a Pinning Pro, I can help you reach the Bride planning her dream wedding. My Sacramento Brides board has over 2,000 followers. You are invited to become a sponsoring Guest Pinner on my Sacramento Brides board.

Become a Sponsoring Guest Pinner

You will receive an invitation to be a guest pinner on my Sacramento Brides board. Pin the best material from your website and let your content be seen and shared by a new audience of brides. Soon your website analytics will show Pinterest as one of your best sources of traffic. Don’t forget to have your website set up to capture the names and information so you can follow up and make the sale.

Signing up is easy! You will be auto billed via Paypal each month. There is no long term commitment. If you find the Pinterest audience is not right for you, you can cancel your subscription without penalty. You choose the level of reach that you’d like – one pin a month or more. If you have a month with lots you’d like to promote and you go over your subscription allotment, I will invoice you via Paypal.

If you choose the option of “Done for You”, I will go to your website, pin board or facebook page and find ten things I think Pinterest users will like. You don’t have to spend your time thinking about Pinterest if you don’t want to.

Easy 3 Step SignUp Process

1. Follow our Sacramento Brides on Pinterest

2. Choose your level of participation and Subscribe via Paypal – Do you want to pin one, three or ten pins per month to the Sacramento Brides board?

Choose Your Level

3. Fill out the form so I can send you your invitation.

What if You Are Bad at Pinterest?

If you need private coaching, or want someone to take over your Pinterest account and handle it for you, give me a call at 916-265-2521.

Need online coaching?

Need some help growing your Pinterest account? Here is the presentation I did for the Association for Wedding Professionals International.

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