Page Rank – What is it?

Meet the SEO Rapper – He’s fantastic!

m0serious – the SEO rapper from Houston, Texas. His advice is spot on! (how would you say spot on in rap?)

2 Responses to “Page Rank – What is it?”

  1. Sire Says:

    Not bad, I reckon that the first time I’ve seen someone rapping out link advice.

    Personally I don’t worry about PR, and until recently I hardly even thought about keywords because at the time I thought it was too hard and spoiled my blogging experience. Then I bought Market Samurai so that it could do all the hard work for me.

  2. Kirsty Says:

    SEO rapper? Amazing! Fantastic really. Page rank is important on other sites but actually it depends to the site’s goal. For me, PR is not really a big thing.