How To Use Facebook Contests to Generate Leads

An interesting answer from Quora …

Read Quote of Krista Bunskoek’s answer to Are people really successful in generating leads through Twitter/Facebook? on Quora

Facebook Fun Facts

I was especially interested in fact #10! Says a lot about the benefit of designing for disabled access.

Best Practices for Facebook Ads in 2013

Are You Practicing Good Facebook Etiquette?

It’s not polite to presume that if they don’t like it, they’ll tell you or untag. You’re creating an uncomfortable situation for your host or fellow guest.

How to Navigate the New Facebook News Feed

Video from CNet – Warning – Don’t Click on the Most Recent or All Friends Feeds, Bridget says they’re scary!

Start & Manage Your Facebook Business Page

Mark Zuckerberg Talks Facebook Graph Search – What Is It?

Facebook for Artists, Musicians and Actors

I’m starting a series of social media classes for artists, musicans and actors. Here’s one bit I’ll share with them; CD Baby’s Guide to Selling More Music with Facebook.

Politicians Reach Wrong Conclusion About Facebook Ads

Recent study quoted by Mashable tries to show Facebook Advertising doesn’t work for candidates; uses wrong sample size, survey time period. Download free report on Political Facebook Advertising at link.

Facebook Funnies

Guy Kawasaki

(Fri02) Breakdown of Facebook users

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