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Want to know more about Facebook and how it can help you attract and retain customers? I’ve compiled a list of resources, articles, books and tips that you can study, but nothing substitutes for one on one assistance. If you’d like personal coaching, I’m your girl! Call me at 916-265-2521 or email julie -at- getonthemap.us and we can schedule an appointment.

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3 Ideas to Increase Your Facebook Reach

3 Ideas to Increase Your Facebook Reach
How are you adapting to the Facebook Page changes? Worried that your effectiveness is diminishing?
Here are some ideas from Chris Mack, Jon Loomer and Kim Garst.

By the way, have you tried Haiku Deck?

How to Use Facebook’s New Call-To-Action Buttons

My friend John Haydon is an expert on helping non-profits use Facebook to attract members, fundraise and raise awareness for their causes. He’s hosting a Facebook bootcamp beginning April 4, 2014.

You Can’t Wait Any Longer – Download Facebook Messenger Now

Last Spring, Facebook announced that they were going to implement a stand alone app to replace private messaging on Facebook. The time has come – if you haven’t already downloaded the Facebook Messenger App you won’t be able to message your Facebook friends.

30 Million Small Businesses Active on Facebook

No wonder the competition to reach prospects is fierce. What are you doing to stand out?

9 Strategies to Improve Your Facebook Ads

1. Frequent Page Updates
2. Sponsored Stories
3. Optimize for Likes
4. Show Ads in News Feed
5. Test Ads with Faces
6. Change Ads Frequently
7. Targeting is Essential
8. Keep the Pool Large Enough
9. Exclude Existing Likes

Facebook Congrats to the Automotive Industry!

5 Unique Ways to Use Facebook Ads

Now, more than ever, you need to be using Facebook’s ad platform. Your Facebook page is nearly invisible without it.

Facebook for Fitness – How Yoga, Spin, Pilates Can Best Use Their Facebook Page

Very good tips from the Yoga Teacher Journal. Don’t you love his accent?

I’m doing a series of free classes on social media for Sacramento Fitness. Hope you’ll attend.

Ellen’s Facebook Funnies

Do you have embarrassing photos on your Facebook timeline?

Facebook Eases the Rules for Promotions and Contests

Listen to the video from Allison Hendrix of Manager of Facebook Promotions. Great news!