How Do You Engage In Real Life?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Someone buys a ticket to your show, comes to the theater … How do you connect with them? Do you ask for a Twitter follow, Facebook Like, email or text sign up? Does your audience immediately do what you ask?

What if they could see their fellow audience members interacting with you?
Use Tintup to display your social streams at your venue to encourage engagement

I’ve seen lots of applications that let you display your Tweetstream, but Tintup is the only one I’ve seen that can incorporate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. If, you have a baby boomer audience, you really need to include Facebook, so the other applications aren’t that valuable.

You can also use Tint to create a page on your Facebook page or website to highlight your communication. I’m using Tint to show people my social media marketing on my website here.

Additional ideas for Tint use here …
Sanrio promotes their Instagram contest on their website. If you want to get people to participate at a conference, make it fun.

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