Best Marketing Tips … In No Particular Order

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1. Let the Tweets Dance Across the Stage

Muriel MacDonald, writing for Tint tells how the SFBallet uses Twitter to attract and engage their younger audience members.

I’ve used Tint with many of my events. The social wall is easy to implement. Just fill in your followed accounts and hashtags, hook up your projector, and the Tint app displays your best engagement.

social wall for sacramento events

Click to Tweet: Publicly recognize your fans #BestTwitterMarketingTipsof2015 via @murielmacdonald @tint

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2. Mean Tweets

Follow Jimmy Kimmel’s example and use mean tweets to your advantage say Jeannie Walters of Steamfeed. Maybe the mean tweets are true and you need to improve your customer service. Or maybe they’re not and you can get a laugh.

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3. Attract Local Customers By Enabling Location

Last month, Twitter announced a partnership with Foursquare that adds thousands of locations to the Twitter database.When tweeting for business via your smartphone, make certain to enable your business location reports Jake Kastrenakes.
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4. No Negatives, I Repeat No Negatives!

My friend Shashi Bellamkonda, the Social Media Swami trains his employees on the Rules of Twitter, and insists, Never make negative tweets from the company account. Ever.
twitter strategy
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5. Vibrant, Colorful Tweets Win the Day

Larry Kim of WordStream says that if you make your images colorful you’ll get 5 times more retweets
color tweets courtesy of wordstream
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6. Action, Action Neil Patel

Use verbs! Humans find verbs much more interesting than nouns and they generate more click-thrus.
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7. Dr. Susanna Gebauer The Social Marketers
Find new people to follow by checking the lists that have been created by people with similar interests. For instance, I’ve created a list of Sacramento Restaurants on Twitter

best sacramento restaurants twitter list

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Lexie Carbone,
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11. @leadsift Tapajyoti Das
Ten Research Backed Ways to Improve Your Twitter Customer Engagement

Using positive emoticons in your responses increases engagement by 67%
Here’s where to get some emojis

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13. Andrew Moravick

Now that Google and Twitter have agreed to a deal that puts Tweets back in to the Google index, you need to be Tweeting your content.
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Kevin Shivley
Simply Measured
Don’t forget – when someone follows your business on Twitter, you’re not the only business they’re following. Do some research to find out what other business messages they see in their tweet stream. Do yours compare favorably or unfavorably?
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Mark Miller in Inc Magazine Stephanie Meyers
even if you tweet for business you need to share hobbies and interests
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How to Get More Clients with Twitter Ads Dan Virgillito

Ways to make Twitter advertising work for you – define your objectives before you start – are you looking for traffic to your website, to build your email list or to gain more followers
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17. Jason Gordon
My favorite tip is don’t use hashtags that aren’t relevant to your brand. I hate clicking on a link that is tagged with my neighborhood and find out it has nothing to do with us. Really!
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Tweet more – users with less than 1,000 Tweets usually have less than 100 followers
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19. Alex McCann
Benchmark your Twitter Analytics. If you’re training for a triathalon, you keep accurate records of your effort and results. Do the same with Twitter – what is your posting schedule, how big is your following, with retweets – how great is your reach. I currently average a little more than 100,000 reach on Twitter every month. My goal is to increase that to 200,000 by the end of the year. I’l track my activity and see what works.
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7 Ways I Accidentally Got More Twitter Followers (and 7 Ways You Can on Purpose!) Mandy Kilinskis

Mention your town in a tweet and you’re likely to get noticed by other tweeters in your town
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7 Tips for Consistent Branding on Twitter

Twitter is public – be careful that your retweets are something you’re willing to stand by, even if your boss or customer disagrees. If not – don’t be controversial. Remember the high level corporate executive who lost his job after videotaping himself giving grief to the fast food worker at Chic Filet
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22. Virginia DeBolt
offers some tips on how to grow a new Twitter account by creating lists instead of following masses before you have a big following of your own
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23. Jenny Kessman

Follow the keynote speakers and attendees ahead of time and you won’t be scrambling – you also have a better opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with them at the event since you’ve broken the ice
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Twitter paid just $15 for their logo
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6 Tips On Social Media Marketing For Small Business

72% of People are more likely to purchase from a small business after they interact with them on Twitter Kristina Cisnero
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26. Lucy Hitz

Personalize your responses to your fans
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27. Jon Andrews
Good news – No need to copy and paste anymore
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WARNING! These 10 Tips Could Turn You Into a Twitter Marketing Genius Dean Montadon
Tweets with Hashtags get 2 times the engagement as Tweets without
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29. Jeff Bullas
Create a hastag to gather Twitter Testimonials

Helped Sac Fashion Week Exceed Goals

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8 Ways Twitter Chats Can Benefit Your Business Jacob Curtis
give a face to your business
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Twitter Redesigns Analytics Homepage & Brings Quick Promote To Profiles Martin Beck
Easily find your top tweets, top followers & more. Why? Because it also easily makes it possible to promote your top tweets via advertising.

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Best Twitter Marketing Posts of 2015 from Jon Andrews, Scott Ayres, Martin Beck, Shashi Bellamkonda, Jeff Bullas, Lexie Carbone, Kristina Cisnero, Jacob Curtis, Tapajyoti Das, Virginia DeBolt, Lauren Dugan, Dr. Susanna Gebauer, Jason Gordon, Lucy Hitz, Jake Kastrenakes, Jenny Kessman, Mandy Kilinskis, Larry Kim, Muriel MacDonald, Alex McCann, Steph Meyers, Mark Miller, Dean Montadon, Andrew Moravick, Neil Patel, Kevin Shipley, Dan Virgillito and Jeannie Walters.